Archana is a great guide. On that trip, she made my days in Kathmandu fun and informative. And I think she is beautiful.But why show her picture here? It was taken in the strange palace of the Kumari.
In another pagan display of Nepalese confusion, the country has a living goddess, and she lives here in this dark building centered around a courtyard in downtown Kathmandu.
The Kumari is a beautiful girl, chosen around the age of 6, and she remains a goddess until her first menstrual period. At that time, she is sent back to her family to have a normal life, and a new Kumari is chosen. The trouble for these ephemereal goddesses is that they have a tough time re-adjusting to civilian life and they’re never happy after having been a goddess for whom everything was done. Their families routinely lose patience with them because they come out of here quite bossy!