Monthly Archive: February, 2013

I saw the Kumari up there

when she made her daily appearance to her subjects.But pictures may not be taken of her.


The colors are so vivid in these shoes. Gayle Nason at the Legacy Gallery made these Indian slippers come to life for me. She paints each bead separately and gives it several coats… Continue reading


Archana is a great guide. On that trip, she made my days in Kathmandu fun and informative. And I think she is beautiful.But why show her picture here? It was taken in the… Continue reading

Wish I could remember

who did this one! I love it. Seen in the West Lives On gallery in Jackson Hole.

The concierge of the Wort

does his work next to this stunning painting by Gerry Metz depicting the team of Lewis and Clark at rest. This photo does not do it justice.


Ganesh is an incarnation of Shiva, the god of destruction, which means the god of creation.Michael came back from India one time and brought me back a beautiful carved wood Ganesh. I don’t… Continue reading

The happy mess of Katmandu – continued

Not always so nice outside

The Grand Dame of the Jackson Hole hotels complete with its Saloon and the Silver Dollar Bar in which we had lunch, the Wort Hotel is not overly impressive from the outside. In… Continue reading

Downtown Kathmandu

So, are there still hippies in Kathmandu?Yes, probably, either in the hippie form, or in a reformed version. There are many foreigners living in Katmandu (although none on this picture, I believe). They… Continue reading


On our last day we go for tradition and head to the Wort Hotel for lunch. The corn chowder was delicious. And so were the burgers, I’m told.