Monthly Archive: November, 2012

Clear skies at night

and a beautiful sunset.

The Nepal of today and tomorrow

As we read anew about the deterioration of yet another governmental coalition in Nepal (this one, led by a semi-Communist former architect, lasted longer than most), I am reminded of the mumbo-jumbo look… Continue reading

Evenings are

fun on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Lived in

Bakhtapur; back to the people.How they must relish the peace and quiet of this season!

On Saint Nicholas island

Saint Nicholas is famous in Turkey. He is a 4th century saint, bishop of the town of Myra and he is the patron of fishermen and of children (also of bakers, brewers and… Continue reading

The tourist stores are empty

The police is idle and the people can rest and quietly sell their lemons.

On Carpe Diem

We continue to seize the days and accept all the treats that the staff prepares for us. It must be Holiday time!

Traditional Newari winter wear

The surprise at the top

We make it to the top and suddenly see the remains of a Greek-Turkish town abandoned in 1923. It’s creepy to be here ~ it feels like the arson that followed the departure… Continue reading

Proof of use

Yes, Nepalese pay their respects in their temples. More so in the winter when the rest of the tourists are away.Seen again in Bhaktapur, a little ways away from Kathmandu.