Chantal is an entrepreneur and an avid traveler.

She was in North Korea twice in the past year. Her first visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was out of general interest in this extreme, unique political regime. North Korea’s socialist government is tightly controlled by a highly autocratic leadership. Her first visit proved to be surprisingly pleasant, comfortable and stimulating and had the unexpected effect of sharpening her curiosity in the country and its people. During her recent trip of July, 2012, Chantal was accompanied by her 17-year old daughter. They focused their attention on the resiliency of the population living under the Kim family regime both in privileged Pyongyang and in the countryside. Their agenda was structured around activities rarely, if ever, granted foreign tourists, such as meeting with officials to discuss the Juche philosophy and helping in an orphanage. Chantal expects to return to North Korea in the near future to continue her observations on the changes under the leadership of Kim Jong-Un and to visit a few other areas away from the capital.

Chantal is also a regular visitor of Tibet and the Himalayas. Chantal is presenting both with her  understanding of the changes occurring in this remote region hidden to the public eye. Chantal speaks Tibetan, studies Buddhism and is awe-struck by the rugged beauty of the rooftop of the world and the strength of its people.

She lives in California with her husband and three children and she publishes under her maiden name, Chantal Prunier.

Chantal welcomes your comments and observations.