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And if we can’t do that; email #3 of 3

[And again, dear friends, please my apologies to those who are receiving this email; there are a lot of you] And if we can’t do the food-clothes-and-toy blitz, then our best bet will… Continue reading

What I think we should do soon; email #2 of 3

[Dear “Instant Replay” Hagaloo list subscribers, you may be getting this email twice] Dear friends, Here’s what I would do if I were in a position of power and wanted to attempt staving… Continue reading

Sounding the alarm on North Korea; email #1 of 3

Annyonghi Kyeseyo for now; as for the future…

And that’s all for now. Six months worth of Hagaloo and emails of the day about North Korea, all posted on ChantalHereandThere, and we’ve all made it through my first journey to North… Continue reading

From my windows on the 43rd floor

of-the-hotel-on-an-island-that-tourists-cannot-leave-at-all. Last morning. I have breakfast with my British friends, who are leaving, too. They’re hardy travelers and they are taking the train back to China, a privilege not available to me because… Continue reading

The girls were asked to sing

The manager said that, in my honor, the waitresses had been asked to sing. She said they hadn’t wanted to, feeling shy, but that they eventually agreed. So, here are two of them:… Continue reading

Singing on a lark?

Couldn’t be. She was so good. She sang O Sole Mio, popular in France with my grandparents. I remember my great grandmother (MY great-grandmother, born in 1879), singing that song at family dinners.… Continue reading

My young new guide

She joined me on my last day. Mr. Lee was to take care of an emergency and in his absence, Ms. Pak joined us. She is 23 years old, a graduate of Kim… Continue reading

And sometimes the dances are mixed

We had 2 Party reps in the center telling us when to change dances, and what to do. Of course, I wasn’t understanding any of it, but just following. For the hundreds of… Continue reading

The Men

They were right next to us ladies. I think they are all very handsome. Is this staged? A. Yes B. No C. Don’t know; don’t care D. Don’t know; would like to know… Continue reading