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Pensive in the afternoon sun

As for this guy

He is just for the tourists, but he is cute.

The four Guardian Kings

The 4 Guardian Kings, protectors of the four cardinal directions stand at the entrance of each dzong or monastery. Since this one holds a musical instrument, it is the protector of the East.

Asakasa temple

Why show this picture? You may ask


Casey, with Julie

Stars passing by the tea plants

in the Imperial Garden, no less.

Guarantee of safe shelter

The roof tiles of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace, just like those of many other traditional buildings, have this design molded in the edges of the roof. Ever practical yet symbolistic,… Continue reading

Young monks can be shy

They come from the countryside, sometimes hours of walk from the main road.

Just like local tourists

We head for the Imperial Palace. But since we are mere commoners, our visit is confined to the East Gardens, which turn out to be beautiful.