Monthly Archive: March, 2013

And if we can’t do that; email #3 of 3

[And again, dear friends, please my apologies to those who are receiving this email; there are a lot of you] And if we can’t do the food-clothes-and-toy blitz, then our best bet will… Continue reading

What I think we should do soon; email #2 of 3

[Dear “Instant Replay” Hagaloo list subscribers, you may be getting this email twice] Dear friends, Here’s what I would do if I were in a position of power and wanted to attempt staving… Continue reading

Sounding the alarm on North Korea; email #1 of 3

Parting shot – for Jackson Hole

Time to go home! No more skiing, snow shoeing or gallery hopping for us. It was New Year’s Eve and it’s time to go home. But, you can expect more pictures of snow,… Continue reading

Many idle hippies have sat here

on the steps leading up to this temple.

A lucky relative

just paid a visit to the Kumari.

Not far from there in Jackson Hole

We saw this trout, another example of contemporary representations of nature. A great contrast with the traditional style seen at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. This is paint on metal. Would have… Continue reading