Monthly Archive: May, 2013

Brahma Kumaris

a very active Rotary Club/United organization advocating a better society though the love of one another.

Not to be outdone

Brilliant marigolds

A great big kiss

which makes everything else look small and unimportant, even El Capitan in the background.

Michael, of course,

has to be a bit of a clown (but notice the frozen smile on his face, as he knows he shouldn’t be moving tooooooo much.

Hard at work (2)

In the midst of the buzz and the birds and the noise. PS. I can’t make too much fun. I used to be able to fall asleep this easily when the kids were… Continue reading

And we all play a bit

Ann and Steve Sebastian, second-time Half-Dome climbers!

Hard at work

on a renovation project.

Closer to “the ground”

I do have a bit of a sense of victory, having reached the 8,836′ summit of Half-Dome.

Ensuring our safety at all times

The tourist police.