Monthly Archive: August, 2013

A reminder of times past

A foreboding moat. When shogun Tokugawa arrived in Edo (today’s Tokyo), the Bay of Tokyo extended up to here, and moats and reinforced walls were erected all around Edo Castle. At that time,… Continue reading

And Thimpu has a gym, too

Bhutan is better

It has one up on our seven elevens.

All happy!

A good start.


Casey with Julie.

Thimpu, bustling metropolis

Thimpu, the capital of the Kingdom of Bhutan, has been growing so fast lately, that it might soon reach the 100,000 inhabitant mark. A ring road is being built, apartment buildings are under… Continue reading


Casey, with Julie

Stars passing by the tea plants

in the Imperial Garden, no less.

Meandering through the Begana valley

by foot, of course.

Guarantee of safe shelter

The roof tiles of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace, just like those of many other traditional buildings, have this design molded in the edges of the roof. Ever practical yet symbolistic,… Continue reading