Monthly Archive: January, 2013

American Indians, Montana

was pleased to see that the Museum’s collection includes a few representations of American Indians. This is the first of three images you’re going to see. All three are recent photographs. This one… Continue reading


This monkey is having a grand time eating pellets of dried rice next to a large vajra.Although I find monkeys cute (my Western upbringing), they are widely considered a pest on the Indian… Continue reading

A precious statue

behind bars. A sign of the times….

No worries

“Sentinel over Antelope Flats” is by Will Sawczuki. A picture of quiet, this bird is holding guard over the expanse of a valley not far from the Grand Tetons.

For real, a saddle

The National Wildlife Art Museum tries to show us real living things, too, but, honestly, I had to strain to find this saddle. I’m not an expert in them. It may be beautiful,… Continue reading

Nepalese craftsmen

Quite pretty! Undoubtedly done by Nepalese workers because for the past 7 or 8 centuries Nepal was the hotbed of craftsmanship for anything Buddhist, and they would travel a long way to work,… Continue reading

Not in Tibet

Incense burns alongside marigolds and terra cotta or brass cups. A mishmash of traditions which seem to work well here in Nepal.

Truly last Rungius

Couldn’t resist including this one, too. We all know that it is so hard, these days, to see these animals in the wild. And Rungius, in these grand, large (very large) paintings, makes… Continue reading

About a hundred nuns

are praying alonside the stupa. They came together from their monastery.

Last Carl Rungius

White mountain goats.