Monthly Archive: July, 2013

We hit the ground running

Our first hike into the countryside is supposed to take us to Cheri Gompa, but we see the trail and decide instead to go for the greater challenge of the one leading to… Continue reading

Glory and Bhutan

Delhi (you last saw my bedroom there) was a lovely interlude, albeit too short, as always. And yet there was a sense of adventure in the air as I left, accompanied by Michael… Continue reading

It is on our walk around the meadow

that I feel so small, surrounded by these giant pines.

(hmm) My bedroom in Delhi

t’s mine and I love it.

Our cottage

Luxury in paradise

Whew! And a good night

Comfort and charm of the Ahwahnee Hotel coupled with delicious food and wines…

The next day

I was in Delhi, where I reunited with Michael and lots of lovely friends for a joyful interlude before going to Bhutan. The weather wasn’t great in Delhi: overcast and dark, caused by… Continue reading

It seems that the altitude

got to their head, too, but didn’t impact their sense of balance. Champions at the core!

And now

the body is moved to the pyre.

Things are looking up

as we find ourselves farther downhill.