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Bhutanese architecture at its best

As evidenced in the Punakha Dzong

Carvings and paintings

All beautiful and quaint, even. Some of you may recognize these, as that little corner of the Punakha dzong always attracts me, at each visit. It may have the same effect on you…

Pensive in the afternoon sun

Long life

A ever-popular theme, this image speaks about longevity to the Bhutanese.

Faithful defender of the West

With his red face and stupa in hand he is the last of our four guardians

Guardian of the South

… with a sword. Always.

And here is the Protector of the North

In his left hand he always hold a mongoose with a jewel in its mouth. He is the protector symbol of wealth.

Kabney art

How to tie a kabney, this most official scarf, in just a few steps

Michael at the Punakha dzong

Let’s leave our car and walk in!