Monthly Archive: December, 2013

A Shogun

at the Edo museum.

Incence burners

are common sight in Bhutan.

And the nobles lived this way in Japanese Edo period

Ah! These ridges!

When you leave Thimpu headed east, which is the only way to go unless you’re going back to Paro, you drive uphill for a while, and then you get to this stupendous view… Continue reading

Japanese palaquin

Looks comfortable to me!

The snacks of Bhutan

Here we see the whole range of delicious snacks available in Bhutan: from the very traditional yak cheese (white cubes which you suck on for up to a week at a time!), to… Continue reading

Crossing Nihonbashi bridge

A close up (from the Edo Museum)


Bhutan is a developing country. These look like shacks to us, but I don’t think the residents are squatters.

Reconstructed scene of the Edo period

The Edo museum is a marvel of education through three-dimensional scenes, panels and experiences. This miniature shows life in Edo (Tokyo) in the 17th century, when a million people lived in the area.… Continue reading

The largest seated Buddha in the world

Human folly or supreme respect paid to Buddha? This seated Buddha has been under construction since 2003. When we visited in 2011, it was almost ready. An assembly hall under the base of… Continue reading