Monthly Archive: June, 2014

The Meiji shrine

and its impressive Torii gate, Japan’s largest. It’s also the most important shinto shrine in Japan, dedicated to the memory of Emperor Meiji, who opened Japan to the outside world and allowed it… Continue reading

Pensive in the afternoon sun

Pensive in the afternoon sun

Sunday in the park

by the kegs of sake. But no matter, life is good in a stroller. We’re beginning the feel the jet lag and the miles in our legs.

Long life

A ever-popular theme, this image speaks about longevity to the Bhutanese.

Hiroshige art

on kegs of sake. The artwork is beautiful, but was the sake good?

Faithful defender of the West

With his red face and stupa in hand he is the last of our four guardians

Guardian of the South

… with a sword. Always.

The Nezu museum

Organic architecture of the museum and garden. We only wanted to see the outside…

The US embassy

Where Susan got to stay when she visited her friend Ambassador Roos, Caroline Kennedy’s predecessor.