Nepalese craftsmen

Quite pretty! Undoubtedly done by Nepalese workers because for the past 7 or 8 centuries Nepal was the hotbed of craftsmanship for anything Buddhist, and they would travel a long way to work, whether to Tibet, to today’s Pakistan, or to China. The oldest frescoes I have seen inside monasteries are in Ngari province (Western Tibet), a 50-hour drive from Lhasa. They’re more than a thousand years old and they have the unmistakable details of work done by Nepalese craftsmen at the time.As for today: stop at any Tibetan craft shop in the US, and they’ll tell you that their wares are made in Nepal, the sure sign of authenticity. I have no idea where exactly they are made. I’m not even sure that the factory-made clothes or the cheap turquoise jewelry ever touched Nepalese soil.