A little farther down the hill

he picks an azalea and gives it to her.

Now, as to whether these weddings were staged: I don’t know. Possibly. But I detect a glimpse of love in both their eyes in this picture. The same kind of glimpse that made the media ooh and aah when they saw how William and Kate looked at each other before the fabled 2 kisses on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.
A kiss here in Pyongyang would have been shocking, akin to putting your allegiance to the regime in question and sending you to Yodok. But one can’t deny the bond in the look.
Mr. Kim proudly pointed to the second pin on the groom’s suit: placed on the right, a little lower than the almighty party pin on the left, it shows that he is a graduate of Kim Il Song University. As is my very own guide Mr. Kim.