History ascertained, Guidebook revisited

(Voice of North Korean guide) — In September, 1945 Kim Il Song stopped here for 2 nights on his return from Russia, after his revolutionary movement of liberation against the Japanese oppressor succeeded in derailing the enemy.

(Voice of ornery/cheeky/difficult tourist)— Apparently, that is.

(Guide) — Apparently what?

(Tourist) — Apparently two things : (1) he stayed here; (2) his revolutionary movement derailed the enemy.

(Guide) — Shsh! No one questions facts such as these.

(Tourist, fingering a guidebook) — No, but this building is not in my guidebook

(Guide, about the only guidebook written about North Korea, approved by North Korea) — The guidebook is wrong to not mention the building.

(Tourist) — And it’s the end of World War II that ended Japanese dominance over Korea, not the revolutionary movement

[Noise of Yodok cattle railcars over terrifying Wagnerian music in the background as steam is shown coming out of the guide’s ears]

Note: The tourist in question dutifully notified the author of the guidebook upon her return about this new stop on the Wonsan list of tourism highlights