Dollies for North Korea

The ladies of “Dollies Making A Difference”, headed by my great friend Cindy Simon and counting 30 of my other good friends, had entrusted me with 12 beautiful dolls made with great skill and loving care in Pacific Palisades. I was to drop off the dolls at an appropriate location in North Korea, for children to enjoy.
We were as far as we were going to get from Pyongyang, so that was it: the kindergartners from Tong Dong collective farm received the dollies, holding them almost as if they didn’t know what to do with them.

These children, I’m told, are 5 to 7 years old. Although the collective must be prosperous by North Korean standards, the school was strangely devoid of learning tools and toys.

Notice, in the background, the map of the Korean peninsula, with barely any separation between the North and South. The idea of a common Korea is so drilled into the heads of the children that the entire population professes to truly want reunification. Blood is blood and race is race, after all.