The required gate picture

… and the traffic officers, who are not on duty yet.

The gate is Nam Gate, the southern gate to the inner castle originally built in the 14th century. As mentioned before, the North Korean have renovated all the pretty gates that remain. They are symbols of the history of their (complete, united) country, of which they are so proud. So, pictures are welcome.

Personally, I’d already had enough of gates, but I don’t mind using them as a way to shoot other things: I take the gate and then let my camera wonder. There’s no way I would have been able to take these traffic officers otherwise. My guides saw what I was doing as I aimed at the crippled old lady who was trying to sweep to road next to them. They stopped me right then. I have no picture of her to show you.
Honestly, though, I must say that I didn’t find anything shameful or really inappropriate in these scenes, even in the one of the crippled lady, and I think it would be better all around to let us take and show street scenes freely.

Tomorrow is one such street scene, and you can judge for yourself.