Everest is out of this world

Everest is out of this world. It is the most majestic mountain, clearly domineering in a chain of already impressive peaks.The approach to Everest is a journey that you must all make. Base camp can be reached in one long day from Tingri. The approach can be done by car or by foot.
On this trip we had the great privilege of being the only ones on the road that day. Imagine that: the only three foreigners on the approach to Chomolungma, the only people hiking our way in, the only ones at Base Camp.
And as it were: we were among the last ones allowed in the area. Period. This year, there are very few foreigners allowed in Tibet (my permit was denied, for the first time), and none of the ones allowed in are allowed to get anywhere close to Everest.
Chinese politics <sigh>