Back in business!!!

Dear friends,

Hagaloo has been down for so long that I’m sure many of you were surprised by the email on the vestiges of Christianity in Ephesus.

It’s been two months since the last Picture of the Day, I’m embarrassed to say. After a planned short hiatus to allow for a trip to China and North Korea, my PC failed miserably and took down with it an enormous amount of precious data such as email backlogs, distribution lists, and more.

I took this opportunity to convert to Mac. For those of you that are in my age and technological aptitude bracket, it’s a painful move. But I’m over it and the digital part of my life now resides in the Apple bubble. I trust that it is safe over there, somewhere in iCloud. And I’m optimistic, excited even, about the ease and possibilities that are now open.

We are picking up right where we left, with the Turkey series. After much deliberating, I decided to pretend that nothing ever stopped, and we’re sailing along with the last segment of pictures. Our Turkey adventure was last summer and we loved every minute of the trip. We bunched the sightseeing into the first ten days, so as to spend the last portion luxuriating on a gulet and ending the vacation with a panache, and this worked for us. Soon you’ll see a few pictures of us enjoying the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean and we still all wish we were still there.

My apologies for the silence of this summer. I know that many of you missed the entertainment of the Picture of the Day. But there’s others that haven’t said a word about it. If the earlier email came to you as a bother and if you wish to stop your subscription, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Moving on or off the list is as easy as ever.

If you are also a subscriber to “Instant Replay”, which had been showing Tibet, you’ll already have noticed as well that these emails are restarting as well.

On with life, and Hagaloo (Victory to the Gods ~ a fun expression of excitement and pride at past achievements)!!!