Anyone can come

to Kumsusan Memorial, but of course, most of those who do go are Party members (Workers’ Party, that is). Notice the red pin on the lapels. It is the Party’s pin, not to be confused with the pin showing the North Korean flag, for example, which shows dedication, but not adherence to the Party’s rules. Actually, one needs to be co-opted to be in the Party. My guides said anyone can belong that wants to, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least in the provinces, if you listen to defectors.

These guys are all Party members and this is my first “almost-illicit” picture. I pretended that I was taking a picture of the building and happened to have them in the foreground.
How do they look to you? Clean-cut? Well-dressed? Serious? Handsome? Perhaps all of the above? And more, naturally.