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Morning prayers

It is well-known, I’m told, that prayers bring better luck said in the morning than in the afternoon.


This monkey is having a grand time eating pellets of dried rice next to a large vajra.Although I find monkeys cute (my Western upbringing), they are widely considered a pest on the Indian… Continue reading

A precious statue

behind bars. A sign of the times….

Nepalese craftsmen

Quite pretty! Undoubtedly done by Nepalese workers because for the past 7 or 8 centuries Nepal was the hotbed of craftsmanship for anything Buddhist, and they would travel a long way to work,… Continue reading

Not in Tibet

Incense burns alongside marigolds and terra cotta or brass cups. A mishmash of traditions which seem to work well here in Nepal.

About a hundred nuns

are praying alonside the stupa. They came together from their monastery.

He blesses

the beads I had just bought. A Buddhist monk, may even be a refugee from Tibet.

Did we say pigeons?

There are a lot of pigeons atop Swayambunath. They get fed, naturally.

Landed on a stupa

This smallish stupa is on the ground of Swayambunath. There is a definite difference in style between Nepalese and Tibetan stupas. This illustrates one of key elements: towards the top there is a… Continue reading

Rituals, respect and sacrifice

In good Nepali fashion, the line is blurred between Hinduism and Buddhism. Swayambunath is a stupa, therefore it’s a Buddhist monument. And we heard earlier that 80% of the population in Nepal is… Continue reading