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The National Textile Museum

displays beautiful samples of hand-woven cotton and silk fabrics and demonstrates how the craft is still practiced. I have met several people in the US who are taking credit for making it as… Continue reading

And Thimpu has a gym, too

Bhutan is better

It has one up on our seven elevens.

Thimpu, bustling metropolis

Thimpu, the capital of the Kingdom of Bhutan, has been growing so fast lately, that it might soon reach the 100,000 inhabitant mark. A ring road is being built, apartment buildings are under… Continue reading

Meandering through the Begana valley

by foot, of course.

Young monks can be shy

They come from the countryside, sometimes hours of walk from the main road.

Unidentified pilgrim turning his prayer wheel

Tango gompa

Seeking peacefulness for meditation and study, lamas have traditionally chosen hard-to-reach places with spectacular vistas. This is Tango Gompa (gompa means monastery in drukpa language). It is today a center for Buddhist studies.… Continue reading

Mountains have no names

Mountains, like the ones in this picture, have no names in Bhutan. They have to be really spectacular and high to be given their own name. Honest to goodness (I didn’t believe this… Continue reading

We hit the ground running

Our first hike into the countryside is supposed to take us to Cheri Gompa, but we see the trail and decide instead to go for the greater challenge of the one leading to… Continue reading