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Here’s to hoping that the police enjoys their home at Base Camp

It’s really weird

to see Base Camp reduced to the police building. At this late time of year, there’s no one else here and no reason to be if you’re a climber. You have to be… Continue reading

I’m a little out of breath

To make things more real, today I am inviting you to see a 30-second video. It’s on YouTube at: Hiking to Everest base camp from Tibet – from Chantal Hiking at this altitude… Continue reading

Rocks move

And the path changes.

Looks close but it’s not

Ok, it was still a few miles away. Maybe 5. By then, we were walking. We were at 16,500 feet.


Seen along the long way in to Everest

And the sun is up now

It’s now 7 a.m.

Early on the way to the great mountain

On the road at 4 a.m., we’re inside the Chomolungma-Everest restricted area by early sunrise. It’s Halloween and it’s freeeeeeezing. Steve and Sharon are ready.

Everest is out of this world

Everest is out of this world. It is the most majestic mountain, clearly domineering in a chain of already impressive peaks.The approach to Everest is a journey that you must all make. Base… Continue reading

Back in business!!!

Dear friends, Hagaloo has been down for so long that I’m sure many of you were surprised by the email on the vestiges of Christianity in Ephesus. It’s been two months since the… Continue reading