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This guy must be so cold!

He is at the top of Lalung la (Lalung pass, over 5,000 meters) and is probably going all the way to Nyalam.

Langtang Plateau, about 5,000 meters high (16,500 feet)

Prayer flags, Himalayan peaks. Snow, wind and ice.

A picture of coziness

To me, anyway. And you all who are smirking at me right now know better, since there’s no heat in any of these buildings.

A Tibetan town out of the blue sky

Tibetan settlements do feel like they can spring out of nowhere. We are not so far from Everest, only 50 miles away, and I wonder how people make a living here. But actually,… Continue reading

Yaks are great

They like high altitude, the cold, the wind and the harsh sun. They don’t mind carrying things. They walk faster than humans.

Miles and miles away

A nomadic caravan on its way to infinity.

Last view

The most windy. It’s later in the day, time to retreat.

Wild blue sheep grazing

Do they even know how high they are? How close to Everest? How close to the border with Nepal…

Our moment of glory

The wind is fierce

Can you see the plume of snow displaced at the summit of Everest? Sharon and I are contemplating the top of the world from the end of the path. We are not allowed… Continue reading