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A bit closer

Punakha dzong is so beautiful that, over the next days, we’ll see a few more pictures of this very serene place. {Dear friends, I apologize for the long silence; Mia’s graduation is over… Continue reading

Approach to the Punakha Dzong

Here is the very famous Punakha Dzong. A dzong, one remembers, is a combination religious and administrative center of a province. One of the largest in Bhutan, it is also the second oldest:… Continue reading

Into the famous Chimee Lakhang

Where some come to pray for fertility and children.

Prayer Wheels

Based on a principle similar to that of the prayer flags seen earlier, prayer wheels are set outside temples, and there’s often hundreds of them. It is one’s duty to turn as many… Continue reading

The Wheel of Law

One of the symbols seen in, around and most at the top of most Buddhist temples. The Wheel of Law represents the symmetry, completeness and adequacy of the law, of the precepts of… Continue reading

A monk from New York?

Global warming

The sun is hot!

We welcome the shade of the pipul tree

The same tree that the Buddha sat under.

Too young for ghos and kiras

but cute, and bent on charming us. However, heaven forbid, people do not ask for money in Bhutan! Just in case your tourist instincts kicked into gear at this sight of

Charm and cell phones

… go hand in hand in Bhutan