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Normally full

This plaza in summer is teeming up with people. Maybe the grey skies are not so bad after all: they keep the visitors away. We need to have a “Winter: the secret of… Continue reading

Preview of Nepali architecture

Brick and beautifu carved wood characterize the basic structure of large temple-like buildings that have survived the upheaval of the centuries.

Another loitering scene

in Bhaktapur.


and trying to sell root vegetables, a kind of radish, in Bhaktapur.Winter is relaxed: the tourists are few.

Gray all around

We slept in a pretty hotel overlooking the mountains, they say, but it was gray when night came and grey again when we woke up. We hear that a small plane full of… Continue reading

We are indeed in Nepal

We see lush vegetation and steep valleys, suspension bridges, and this funny alphabet. But the people are smiling and go freely about their way.

Hustle and Bustle at the border

The border only opens at 10 a.m. — to match Indian time, which is more like true time based on how high the sun is in the sky. Speaking of time: India is… Continue reading

Before crossing into Nepal

Here’s our last picture of Tibet: a gaudy Chinese “best in town” hotel lobby. Ah, the prospect of a lovely bathroom at Dwarika’s tomorrow…

A very non-Tibetan last image of Tibet

Zhangmu feels and looks like a cheap trading town. Real estate is a good investment here. The few successful Tibetans still living in Tibet have in good part made their money by buying… Continue reading

At the end of this very long day

we end up in Zhangmu, at the border with Nepal. We have come down off the Tibetan plateau, and at 8,000 feet, the sun and glare of the Himalayas are replaced by the… Continue reading