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There are two large stupas in Katmandu: this one and Bodanath. Swayambunath is a little outside town. It is on top of a hill and is so big that it would not be… Continue reading

In the hundred (of thousands), says Steve

Like it? It’s rather messy looking, don’t you think? But on the small but strong Himalayan art market, there are a few wood carvings similar to this one and to the pillar we… Continue reading

Carved pole

Artisans are it

Over the centuries Nepal sent its artists and craftsmen to neighboring countries. This detail is small, very small; one of millions

Third world in Nepal but a gilded door

Dropping the horn of the bull

Who’s encroaching?

The city orthe fields?

Mothers and children

The skyline that day

Newari architectural details

The carved wood is a give away. The colored powder rubbed on the statues is another.