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Glory and Bhutan

Delhi (you last saw my bedroom there) was a lovely interlude, albeit too short, as always. And yet there was a sense of adventure in the air as I left, accompanied by Michael… Continue reading

The next day

I was in Delhi, where I reunited with Michael and lots of lovely friends for a joyful interlude before going to Bhutan. The weather wasn’t great in Delhi: overcast and dark, caused by… Continue reading

This body

is resting on the steps of the river, where it was prepared for cremation. Only the men are allowed to come and pay their respects now. The women are the ones standing and… Continue reading


Shiva can three identities that I know of: 1. A blue god with up to five faces, four arms and three eyes. That’s the Shiva in the painting in my front hall. 2.… Continue reading

What about them?

Are they more believable?

Mourning a loved one

(or paid to mourn loved one). I didn’t see real tears with them. Do you?

Dead that day

a person is cremated on a pyre.

There is nothing like Pashupatinath

Pashupatinath is a holy place of residence of Shiva (the God of Destruction and Creation, of the end of things and of the beginning of new ones). It is one of three holiest… Continue reading

Bodanath neighborhood

The heart of the Tibetan community in Kathmandu. The stupa is at right.

Bodanath stupa

Resplendent stupa, recently cleaned.