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On the way to Chimee Lakhang

Ah! A few words of note: First, the temple is almost a dot in the way back. Like all temples ("lakhang" means temple), it has a golden roof. You can see it at… Continue reading

Another good sample (last one)

An attempt to explain… this

Phalluses are everywhere in Bhutan. We’ll see them again, because there are awesome samples of them painted on the most normal homes. They also tend to hang under the eaves and gently loll… Continue reading

Popularity of a spot

…can be measured by the amount of prayer flags posted.

Down at Dochu-la

And we walk back down to Dochu la. Dochu la, the name of a pass, is at 3,140 meters. This chorten, made up of 108 smaller stupas, a very auspicious number.

Even higher

Two monks are putting up more prayer flags. They truly think that prayers get scattered and multiplied in the wind, and that this is good karma. So, the top of this mountain, with… Continue reading

Living on the edge

I’m sparing you the panorama this time. Someone needs to prepare the food, and it’s always one of the monks. Monks typically eat two meals a day: breakfast, which can be quite early,… Continue reading

Singye la

Our guide in Bhutan. Of course he is a wearing a gho, the traditional Bhutanese-style clothing for men, which is roughly equivalent to a tightly closed long robe which large, long sleeves. Singye… Continue reading

At the very top

At the very top of the mountain, there’s Tashigang gompa.

So many of them!

To tell you the truth, I do not know which peaks we’re looking at here. My best guess is that the highest peak is Teri Gang, at 7,300 meters (24,000 feet). Or it’s… Continue reading