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Morning in Thimpu

Looking out over and above the roof of the Taj hotel. This roof is for real. Many homes in Bhutan have these kinds of wood shingles held down by rocks. And it works… Continue reading

Blue skies and crisp air

are the trademarks of fall in Bhutan.

The entrance to the assembly hall

at the Thimpu dzong is a show in itself. Many important people can be seen there.

Fierce and fun; all cohabitate

Tall young men

are usually the ones chosen to go into the Royal Guard.

Sifting the grains

in the Begana outside Thimpu, Bhutan.

In a slightly bizarre ceremony

The keys to the Dzong are given by the administrative powers to the monk community at the end of the day. The Bhutanese Army is not very strong: so few young wish to… Continue reading

Low light over the Thimpu Dzong

Evening light

As we arrive at the Thimpu Dzong, the largest administrative and religious center of Bhutan, the sun is setting in the hills. It is a beautiful sight. Why come so late? you may… Continue reading

The National Institute of Traditional Medicine

This building displays panels explaining the principles of traditional Drukpa medicine (quite esoteric) and samples of medicinal plants growing on the soil of Bhutan. There are also spaces for doctors to see patients… Continue reading