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The children of North Korea (3)

There is no internet in North Korea. There is no internet (just repeating, in case that wasn’t clear). Also, there are no cell phones. Kids have no cell phones (the 4-5 cell phones… Continue reading

The children of North Korea (2)

Children’s Palace (after-school activities central), Pyongyang-Mangyundae.

The children of North Korea (1)

Kindergartners on the Tongbong collective farm, South Hamgyong province.

Whew! A happier scene

I honestly wish I had been able to spend an entire day in the War Museum; but I didn’t, and yet I felt drained when I left. I was then whisked over to… Continue reading

My charming interpreter (2)

Remember her from the USS Pueblo?

North Korean War

There’s a ton of war equipment down there in the basement of the War Museum, and it makes the place very dark. This is natural color, not a black & white rendering of… Continue reading

American plane wreck, Korean war

t’s in the basement of the Museum, together with tanks and other planes from both sides. They’re all so big that they had to be placed in the basement first and then the… Continue reading

The Korean War

I wish I had come with a better prior knowledge of the Korean War. The North Koreans are on a mission to educate us about it. I found that I had to temper… Continue reading

The War Museum

A shameful contraction of the actual name!:) The actual name of the Museum housing this remarkable panoramic painting is “the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum”. It’s a great, if overwhelming, War Museum. I… Continue reading

Grand folly?

Construction of this 105-story tower has been halted for a few years. But there is talk that the building will get finished to open next year, in 2012, because that will be the… Continue reading