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It was an ideal week to be in North Korea, it really was. The blooms were at their peak and added a soft touch of color to all that we saw. Today is… Continue reading

Kaeson street scene

7:30 a.m. People are off to work. So what is censurable about this? I have no idea. Nevertheless, it’s a picture that I sneaked.¬†Incidentally, my British friends ~ the small UK tourist group… Continue reading

Pretty in blue

These guys are: 1. Traffic attendants 2. Pan Am stewards who travelled forward in time and landed in Kaeson 3. Models out on a shoot 4. North Korean icons Choose one of answers… Continue reading

The required gate picture

… and the traffic officers, who are not on duty yet. The gate is Nam Gate, the southern gate to the inner castle originally built in the 14th century. As mentioned before, the… Continue reading

Few visual distractions

This portrait of Kim Il Song is taken by telephoto lens. It’s on Kumsusan Memorial’s walls; it’s not very large relative to the area it’s on. In general, there are few visual distractions… Continue reading

They hadn’t thought of everything

So, the inn was very comfortable. The room was old-fashioned but charming; the futon was nice, the blankets warm enough, and the only problem was that pillow, right there on top of the… Continue reading


Breakfast may be simple, but it always included toast and eggs, as well as tea, coffee, and a variety of juice and yogurt. Fruit was served, too. It was apple, apple and apple.


My husband Michael, the other day, asked me what I drank in North Korea since I don’t like beer. As you can see, there’s an extensive menu everywhere, and it’s just a question… Continue reading

The Minsok Folk Hotel

Off to Kaeson

Kaeson is south. Tomorrow we’ll be at the DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone), but in the meantime we spend the night in Kaeson, a former imperial city of Korea.¬†The government wisely decided to leave alone… Continue reading