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I liked this guy

He was so proud of being the guard on duty on this special day, that he smiled to me and was still trying to do his best at looking stern as I took… Continue reading

The tourism highlight of Hamhung

This is possibly the birthplace of the founder of the distinguished Ri dynasty of Korea, which ruled from 1374 and ended in 1910 with the Japanese invasion which is still so fresh in… Continue reading

Traipsing through the countryside to the North East

Hamhung, almost a million people and the 2nd or 3rd city in North Korea, is a large industrial urban center. It has had very contact contact with the outside world so far. For… Continue reading


Rehearsals may be nice, but mussels must be had, and the time to do this is (very) early in the morning. [I was graciously asked to use good judgement showing this photograph]

While the mothers practice

the children wait. You do what you have to do.

Kaeson square, Wonsan

Another rehearsal in preparation for the April 15th holiday. I asked my Korean-American friend Johnny, for a translation of the slogans in the background and here it is: Hurray for the great leader,… Continue reading

History ascertained, Guidebook revisited

(Voice of North Korean guide) — In September, 1945 Kim Il Song stopped here for 2 nights on his return from Russia, after his revolutionary movement of liberation against the Japanese oppressor succeeded… Continue reading

Thank You

for sticking it out with me on this series. Yesterday was our 100th picture of North Korea! We have past the half-way mark for this trip. Azaleas of Wonsan to you today!

A triangle and a tree

Dear Leader and able photographer Kim Jung Il stood on the red triangle of the first picture to photograph the tree in the second picture.

A hothouse

Italy donated this hothouse to North Korea and it is used to do research on growing tomatoes. It might be impressive to know that the hothouse is fully automatic, and that sprinklers turn… Continue reading