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The one thousand year old university of Korea

of Korea. It was burnt down during a couple of Japanese invasions and then rebuilt, so what we see dates from 1,600. But it is now the Koryo Museum, small and yet able… Continue reading

Housing for the farmers



We were not allowed to stop for pictures, so I took these from the car with the full knowledge, and even collaboration, of Mr Kim and Mr Lee. Normally I wouldn’t show shots… Continue reading

When you don’t have much

there’s always nature to look at. And that’s when you see things like this. That’s why Korean folk literature is so full poetic evocations. It’s also why the nobles of times past would… Continue reading

It was when I saw this sign

that I decided to learn to read Korean. That turned out to be harder than the Cyrillic alphabet, but I was fine with it a week later.

The emblem of Koryo

including the symbol of the intertwined ying and yang. Just like in China, it is ok here to find interest in past cultures, as long as they include nothing political or religious.

The Guards

These guys guard the tombs. There are two military and two civil officials. The wise men are closer to the tomb; the soldiers are on the outside, ready to protect against incursions. The… Continue reading

Peace and quiet

Not only was there no billboards, vending machines or electric wires, but there was also not a human or machine-made sound. Mr. Lee is checking his phone. There are few of these in… Continue reading

The Tomb of King Kongmin

We haven’t spoken about Koryo yet. Koryo is “Korea” in the Korean tongue. The country spanning the peninsula bore that name for centuries. Its borders fluctuated but the idea is that the entire… Continue reading


It was an ideal week to be in North Korea, it really was. The blooms were at their peak and added a soft touch of color to all that we saw. Today is… Continue reading