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This is a dead time for growing anything. The 2 main crops of Tong Dong are rice (7 tons per hectare) and potatoes (7-8 tons per hectare). Dear Leader Kim Jung Il himself… Continue reading

How else is one gonna get stuff around?

Fresh food from the farm anyone?

There is soy sauce, alcohol, cookies, candy, rice and the 4 hanging baskets with a handful of apples and tomatoes in them. I also saw mushrooms and scallions on the side. For 900… Continue reading

The store

Well organized; seems well stocked in a small number of items.

I wondered about the clothes and the tank

The children’s clothes are colorful, of varied designs, and look well-used, but in good condition. I wonder where the parents get them. Not at the collective’s store, as we’ll see tomorrow. Hmm again.… Continue reading

With the school headmistress

And the teachers. I saw that white and blue dress many times during my visit. It seems to be the official daily dress for civil servant women. There is another one, more formal… Continue reading

A little dance to say thank you

Holding their California homemade dollies

Sweet. Here we see the impact of Dollies Making A Difference. Literally.

Cute, thanks to Dollies Making A Difference

The children can read

This is the visual on the wall, in the classroom.