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Security services for my safety, thank you very much

In case you’re wondering what the local FBI looks like…

That’s not all

The American imperialists are constantly on the tail of the North Koreans, spying on them from every angle conceivable.¬†They send these smart self-guided torpedo things (they have a militaristic name that involves notions… Continue reading

France, a North Korean view

As a French passport holder, I had the impression at times that North Koreans feel a sort of “if-we’re-going-to-be-closer-to-someone-out-there-in-the-west-it-could-be-France-kind-of closeness”. Ok, that’s a lot of gouging in a statement, but that’s the only… Continue reading

With my charming interpreter

She works for the Army and she is the French translator. She met us at the USS Pueblo, and 2 days later, at the Museum of War. She is charming and has the… Continue reading

Dark and Darker

But, Ha! we’ve arrived at the USS Pueblo. 1968, off the coast of North Korea. A US spy-ship disguised as an oceanic research vessel glides into North Korean waters. It is quickly intercepted.… Continue reading

The Palace

This day is auspicious even if it is gray. This is Sunday, and like all other Fridays and Sundays, Kumsusan Memorial Palace is open for Korean and tourists to pay respect to Kim… Continue reading

Anyone can come

to Kumsusan Memorial, but of course, most of those who do go are Party members (Workers’ Party, that is). Notice the red pin on the lapels. It is the Party’s pin, not to… Continue reading

The Dining Room

No, this is not the “huge perk for North Korea” that you tried to guess yesterday. We’re getting to it, though. This is a beautiful bouquet of flowers (imitation) set in warm light… Continue reading

Dawn over the Pothong area

Again, just to use yesterday’s words, this is not exactly the height of attractiveness, but note the trees and the relatively nice-looking buildings around. The key advantage to the hotel, though, came to… Continue reading

My hotel room

in the Pothonggang Hotel. I stayed twice in that hotel, both times in room 306. On arrival the first time, the heat was on in the room. It was a comfortable 70 degrees… Continue reading