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Nap space

Some of the children nap here when their parents do not come home for lunch. The blankets look very new… Did I mention that everything I saw, anywhere, is made “in Korea” (meaning… Continue reading

Clean towels, new toothbrushes

These are the only objects graceing the classroom with color and interest. On second thought, and with a few months’ distance, I have concluded that these were brand-new and given to the children… Continue reading

The children’s classroom

Not many pens and books can be seen here.

Dollies for North Korea

The ladies of “Dollies Making A Difference”, headed by my great friend Cindy Simon and counting 30 of my other good friends, had entrusted me with 12 beautiful dolls made with great skill… Continue reading

I had fun with them in Hamhung

They were happy, engaging and willing to try out their English. I don’t believe that our encounter was staged. Although who knows!

A private conversation

Mr Kim and I told a long walk on the beach. Away from it all, this is where, at his express request, we had the “Defection to the South 101” talk, complete with… Continue reading

Majon beach

Not to be belabor the point about lack of pollution, but: the beach is pristine, unused (ok, it was April, but still), and long. Not a beach that’s lying just 5 miles away… Continue reading

The Niigata run

A number of you have commented on a recent news article reporting a one-time attempt at doing a leisure cruise along the East Coast of North Korea. The entrepreneur trying out the concept… Continue reading

Dear Leader

has visited the plant on many occasions. I trust that, unlike me, He got to see the real thing.

At the fertilizer plant #1 of North Korea

I had a lengthy tour of… its museum. Notice, as you look at this model, how close the plant is to the ocean. Presumably this means drainage of manufacturing residue into the ocean.… Continue reading