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Capital of the East

Wonsan, being a sort of North Korean capital on the Eastern Sea (aka Sea of Japan), has some important learning institutions. This attractive building is the main part of the Agricultural University of… Continue reading

The most outrageous restaurant space ever

Ever. A forest! I wish that the picture wasn’t so dark and I hope you can see what I’m talking about. This artificial jungle takes up most of the space available. Consequently, there… Continue reading

A word about sheets and a question for you

I think you can see from this picture of my room in the Tongmyong Hotel in Wonsan, that it was clean and comfortable. It also had a priceless view of the seaside going… Continue reading

Pretty but not for me

And costing US $30 to $300 depending on the quality of the fabric. In Pyongyang, most women seem to have at least of one of these traditional Korean dresses. A bride always wears… Continue reading

Nice store

I was brought over to this store, so it was, by definition, well-stocked. I thought the clothes were expensive for locals: a minimum of US$50, and more like $80 to $100 for most… Continue reading

Kwangbok Street

In the newer section of town, around 6:30 p.m. Pyongyang residents go home at the end of the day. Note the range of colors in the clothes of women and girls. And the… Continue reading

Driving school in North Korea

Not kidding. The kid learning to drive was so nervous. The car looked like it was going to fall to pieces any time.

A range of children’s faces

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The children of North Korea (5)

15 hours away from Pyongyang, in Hamhung (northeast). I’m pretty sure they hadn’t seen foreigners before. This was a spontaneous meeting, I believe; instead of moving on the children made eye contact and… Continue reading

The children of North Korea (4)

Young enough to be happy and uninhibited. Privileged to be Red Pioneers.