Monthly Archive: January, 2013

In the clouds

Rams, presented again by the great Carl Rungius.

He blesses

the beads I had just bought. A Buddhist monk, may even be a refugee from Tibet.

The moose

The “Northern King”, by Carl Rungius.

Did we say pigeons?

There are a lot of pigeons atop Swayambunath. They get fed, naturally.

Landed on a stupa

This smallish stupa is on the ground of Swayambunath. There is a definite difference in style between Nepalese and Tibetan stupas. This illustrates one of key elements: towards the top there is a… Continue reading

Friendly black bear – Rungius

As a reminder this and the past two pictures are of paintings and there’s a few more coming).Carl Rungius painted this black bear in an appealing colorful setting.

The bison

Chief. Robert Bateman , the artist behind this painting is, just like Carl Rungius, of established fame. Mr. Bateman is still alive and he paints animals and birds in the wild from an… Continue reading

Rituals, respect and sacrifice

In good Nepali fashion, the line is blurred between Hinduism and Buddhism. Swayambunath is a stupa, therefore it’s a Buddhist monument. And we heard earlier that 80% of the population in Nepal is… Continue reading


There are two large stupas in Katmandu: this one and Bodanath. Swayambunath is a little outside town. It is on top of a hill and is so big that it would not be… Continue reading

The fearsome wolf

Carl Rungius is one of the leading artists of wildlife painting. He lived from 1869 to 1959 and is now a favorite of collectors. The National Wildlife Art Museum in Jackson Hole has… Continue reading