Monthly Archive: November, 2012

The most charming beach

is where we start a grueling hike way up high (grueling only because of the intense heat).

The temples feel pagan to me

But they’re real, they’re used daily by some, they’re part of the intrinsic fabric of Nepalese society.

So we went to Olu Deniz

The Blue Lagoon. The bluest of the blue waters of Turkey.

Normally full

This plaza in summer is teeming up with people. Maybe the grey skies are not so bad after all: they keep the visitors away. We need to have a “Winter: the secret of… Continue reading

Way up there

The wild and courageous take off hand-gliding from the top of that mountain.

Preview of Nepali architecture

Brick and beautifu carved wood characterize the basic structure of large temple-like buildings that have survived the upheaval of the centuries.

Sure enough

We wake up to another beautiful day ahead. What to do today? That is the question.

Another loitering scene

in Bhaktapur.

Our waterskiing champion


and trying to sell root vegetables, a kind of radish, in Bhaktapur.Winter is relaxed: the tourists are few.