Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Looks close but it’s not

Ok, it was still a few miles away. Maybe 5. By then, we were walking. We were at 16,500 feet.

The proverbial stork

is feeding its young ones. I hadn’t seen a stork in 20 years…


Seen along the long way in to Everest

A famous statue

of beautiful Artemis. In alabaster.

And the sun is up now

It’s now 7 a.m.

Early on the way to the great mountain

On the road at 4 a.m., we’re inside the Chomolungma-Everest restricted area by early sunrise. It’s Halloween and it’s freeeeeeezing. Steve and Sharon are ready.

Bricks and coptic carvings

indicate yet another “layer” of civilization.

Everest is out of this world

Everest is out of this world. It is the most majestic mountain, clearly domineering in a chain of already impressive peaks.The approach to Everest is a journey that you must all make. Base… Continue reading

And then a fort was built

to protect against intruders from inland Anatolia.

Off to Kaeson

Kaeson is south. Tomorrow we’ll be at the DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone), but in the meantime we spend the night in Kaeson, a former imperial city of Korea.┬áThe government wisely decided to leave alone… Continue reading