Monthly Archive: September, 2012


My husband Michael, the other day, asked me what I drank in North Korea since I don’t like beer. As you can see, there’s an extensive menu everywhere, and it’s just a question… Continue reading

The Minsok Folk Hotel

No visitors

Just archaeological crews and security officers.

Here’s to hoping that the police enjoys their home at Base Camp

It’s really weird

to see Base Camp reduced to the police building. At this late time of year, there’s no one else here and no reason to be if you’re a climber. You have to be… Continue reading

And finally, what’s wrong with this picture?

My answer: the lack of tourists. Turkey is a land of wonders, or rather, I should say, of discoveries for us. Asia Minor is a large territory in which life was comfortable and… Continue reading

I’m a little out of breath

To make things more real, today I am inviting you to see a 30-second video. It’s on YouTube at: Hiking to Everest base camp from Tibet – from Chantal Hiking at this altitude… Continue reading

And now what’s wrong with this new picture?

Nothing’s wrong with this one. It’s Mary, mother of Jesus. She lived more than 30 years in the hills of Ephesus, brought here by John the Apostle after Christ’s death. It is the… Continue reading

Rocks move

And the path changes.

What’s wrong with this picture?

A. His height? B. The upside-down postcard? C. Casey is not on the picture D. All of the above. (Answer: all of the above)