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Vernal Fall

On the way down from Half-Dome, there’s time to take pictures.

Horizontal view

The top of Half-Dome, at 8,836 feet, is high, but is not the highest point in the Park. A plane view of the summits visible from up there show us 10,000 peaks which… Continue reading

Not to be outdone

A great big kiss

which makes everything else look small and unimportant, even El Capitan in the background.

Michael, of course,

has to be a bit of a clown (but notice the frozen smile on his face, as he knows he shouldn’t be moving tooooooo much.

And we all play a bit

Ann and Steve Sebastian, second-time Half-Dome climbers!

Closer to “the ground”

I do have a bit of a sense of victory, having reached the 8,836′ summit of Half-Dome.

Not us, not us, not us

I got to the top first because I climb outside the cables. I find this way safer and faster. I had a few minutes to observe a group of rather silly men and… Continue reading

Terminus for the squirrels

At this altitude above 8,000 feet, there are no trees and the squirrels are surviving from our leftovers. This little guy will not come with us on the last trek.

Told you! Ann and Steve

were with us. Another hour farther, the dreaded carved stairs behind us (below us, that is), we take a break before doing "the cables." One need not be a professional climber to go… Continue reading