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A lucky cat

Japan and Borneo – A new series!

Thank you for your patience in viewing my drawn-out series on Yosemite. It’s time for a big change and so, we’re now shifting to Japan, followed by Malaysia and borneo, both places which… Continue reading

Man wearing his gho

This picture is of a man. He is wearing his gho. Over the next few days we’ll see many of these.

Last glimpse of our friendly peak

Michael and I try to do Half-Dome every September. We hope that Anne and Steve will come back with us next year! Or would YOU like to come, too?

Save some for next time

No, seriously: we will never do this. Climbing El Capitan? If you do that, you have to hook yourself for the night, hanging down in a sleeping bag. And in the morning, you… Continue reading

White man looking at daring rock-climbers

scaling El Capitan.

All good things

must come to an end. We sleep in on Sunday, but then, inevitably, we get up rested and face departure time.

It is on our walk around the meadow

that I feel so small, surrounded by these giant pines.

(hmm) My bedroom in Delhi

t’s mine and I love it.

Our cottage

Luxury in paradise