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And the same beauty in the details

can be seen here, at Laodecea.

The same breadth of excavations

as at Ephesus.

No visitors

Just archaeological crews and security officers.

And finally, what’s wrong with this picture?

My answer: the lack of tourists. Turkey is a land of wonders, or rather, I should say, of discoveries for us. Asia Minor is a large territory in which life was comfortable and… Continue reading

And now what’s wrong with this new picture?

Nothing’s wrong with this one. It’s Mary, mother of Jesus. She lived more than 30 years in the hills of Ephesus, brought here by John the Apostle after Christ’s death. It is the… Continue reading

What’s wrong with this picture?

A. His height? B. The upside-down postcard? C. Casey is not on the picture D. All of the above. (Answer: all of the above)

The proverbial stork

is feeding its young ones. I hadn’t seen a stork in 20 years…

A famous statue

of beautiful Artemis. In alabaster.

Bricks and coptic carvings

indicate yet another “layer” of civilization.

And then a fort was built

to protect against intruders from inland Anatolia.