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It’s morning and we wake up

in a creek somewhere on the southern coast.

In the water

The pleasure of swimming!

It doesn’t take long

for us to try our hand at water-skiing. The motor boat is stashed on the gulet, ready to be taken out when we wish. Fun!

Our abode for the next week

A few more hours’ driving south and we are in Gocek. We’ve loved the sightseeing, all of it, but we are ready for a week on our gulet, a tried and true Turkish… Continue reading

The baths of Pamukkale

A last glimpse at these luscious-looking baths before we get to our own play time in the Mediterranean…

A certain sense of style

In five years from nowTurkey may be one of the few secular countries in the Middle East. This outfit, which we’ve already seen in the pictures of Istanbul, especially at the Blue Mosque,… Continue reading

Just for fun

Here’s a more modest tomb than yesterday’s, since we’re on that subject…

A spa town attracts retirees

And that’s why there’s also the largest repository of tombs in this part of the world. More than 1,000 in all.

More pools in the hills

At Pamukkale and Hierapolis. The white calcium carbonate deposited by the hot spring water as it loses its carbon dioxide, makes for brilliant white travertine terraces.

Farther, Pamukkale

A place where calcium deposits formed natural pools which the Greeks, way before the Romans, started appreciating. They built Heriopolis nearby, a spa town of 30,000 people in the year 0.