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A scroll

Japanese beauty in poetry.

Kabuki theatre

Depiction of a battle

Still at the Edo museum in Tokyo. Forgive me: I’ve been lazy in sending out my emails. But the good news is that my website is getting revamped!

A Shogun

at the Edo museum.

And the nobles lived this way in Japanese Edo period

Japanese palaquin

Looks comfortable to me!

Crossing Nihonbashi bridge

A close up (from the Edo Museum)

Reconstructed scene of the Edo period

The Edo museum is a marvel of education through three-dimensional scenes, panels and experiences. This miniature shows life in Edo (Tokyo) in the 17th century, when a million people lived in the area.… Continue reading


Japan has not just one but three forms of writing characters. Here they are. Kanji is the more classical one and is on the left. It is close of Chinese; Mia was thrilled… Continue reading

The Edo museum

The museum of the history of Tokyo is so much fun inside. Outside, it looks like: 1. Edo castle 2. A rice storehouse 3. An intergalactic space station [Answer: it looks like an… Continue reading