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Street scene and current fashion

of all ages in Japan.

Where is she from?

Answer: I have no idea. Our guide said she is half-Japanese…


like only the Japanese have, and enjoy. Hello Kitty? They love it, too

Another sumo wrestler

in training.

Lunch, step 2

Step 2 is to get a chit from the vending machine for the food you want. And step 3 is to take that chit to the cook’s counter, where he’ll make the dish… Continue reading


It is totally ok in Japan to order lunch from a picture. The next step will be shown tomorrow.

Outside the Ryogoku train station

A good subway system and bicycle storage help ease the congestion of Tokyo.

Statue of Ieasu Tokugawa

He is so important to the history of Tokyo.

We tried

I hope that we get a good mark for wanting to look the part. It was fun to sit at the low tables but our posture was way too relaxed for us to… Continue reading

Early photograph of Japanese Edo